A Wrongful Death in the Family – 3 Steps to TakeA Wrongful Death in the Family – 3 Steps to Take

A Wrongful Death in the Family – 3 Steps to Take

Grief over the death of a loved one can be overwhelming, even more so when you suspect that death could have been avoided. It can be hard to know what to do, or where you can get help and answers. Here are the three steps your family or a trusted friend needs to take immediately to ensure there is accountability for a wrongful death.

Get a copy of the death certificate. Proof of death is a necessary document for your case to move forward. You can request a copy of your loved one’s death certificate online or in person from the Oklahoma State Department of Health Division of Vital Records.

Report the incident to the proper authorities. Wrongful deaths at workplaces, nursing homes, and hospitals are subject to investigations, as are deaths due to semi-truck or drunk driving accidents. But in other circumstances, the death of a loved one might not be automatically investigated by law enforcement or government agencies. Many times it is up to the family to make the authorities aware of the death. For example, a hospital might not contact the medical examiner when a patient has an unexpected death. In that case, the family can—and should—contact the medical examiner’s office directly to request an investigation.

Contact a qualified and experienced wrongful death attorney. In these situations, experience matters. The right attorney should have a long history of successfully handling wrongful death cases—it can make all the difference in how your case is handled and the compensation you receive. They should also be able to provide professional references and client reviews so you can assess what it’s like to work with the firm. If you don’t feel like your family will be a priority or the attorney isn’t able to demonstrate expertise in these types of cases, seek out another firm.

We have spent over 30 years helping families get answers and closure about a loved one’s wrongful death . Our Tulsa and Oklahoma City attorneys provide free information, advice, and legal guidance on the immediate steps that should be taken before and after a death. You can rely on our experience and resources to get you through this difficult time, and right the wrong that’s been done to your family.

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