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Hiring a lawyer as soon as possible after an accident is critical.  I had a client who waited to hire a lawyer thinking he could deal with the at-fault person’s insurance company on his own.  He agreed to be recorded by the insurance adjuster. While anwering the adjuster’s questions about the accident, the questions quickly turned to ones that implied the client was somehow at fault.  The client called me immediately after talking to the adjuster.  I was able to take control of his matter and avoid further damage to his claim and case.

5 Things to Know when Deciding on a Nursing Home

The decision to place a loved one in a nursing home is hard enough.  Deciding which nursing home is even harder. Here are 5 things that will help make the right decision:

  1. Get a referral from friends and others.  There is nothing like the personal experience of others to rule-in and rule-out a nursing home.  Social media is a good tool to for getting recommendations.  If you are not on social media, find a friend or family member who is and have them post something for you.
  2. Research nursing homes in your area online to narrow your choices.  Medicare has a rating system it applies to all nursing homes based upon things like quality of care, staffing, inspection results, etc.  Medicare’s website allows you to enter your location and then it will display nursing homes in your area.  You can then review details on each home.  Make a list of potential homes and rank them in order of preference. Click the link at the end of this article to access Medicare’s nursing home compare website.
  3. Call nursing homes on your list and ask whether they are accepting new residents.  Not all nursing homes can handle just any resident.  Some health conditions require special care.  Be prepared to discuss your loved-one’s health status and care needs. If they are accepting new residents and are willing to accept your loved-one, don’t set an appointment for admission just yet.  Tell them you are still searching for the right place.
  4. Pop in to visit potential nursing homes on your list.  An unannounced visit is the best way to get a true feel of a nursing home.  Arrive at or during lunch or dinner time.  Not only will you get a feel for the environment itself, you should be offered a free meal. If not, ask.  Food quality is very important. Watch how staff cares for and assists residents during meal times, and generally. Try to assess whether there are enough nurse aids to care for all of the residents.
  5. Take your loved-one for a visit.  If your loved-one is able to understand their situation, involve them in the choice. Explain the process you went through to help them. If they are able, take them for a visit before you make the final decision.

Click here for to access the Medicare’s Nursing Home Compare website to get started.

The Dirty Secret of Assisted Living

Assisted living today is not what most people think it is. They used to be retirement communities, where residents could get restaurant-style dining and play golf on the weekends.  The people who lived there were independent and self-sufficient.  Not anymore. Many People in assisted living today would have been placed in nursing homes 10 years ago.

Why has this happened?  As the baby boomers have aged, the demand for skilled care has skyrocketed. But, assisted living centers do not provide medical or nursing care.  In order to capture this demand, assisted living centers began accepting and keeping residents who need more care and assistance than they can provide.  These decisions are often not based upon the health, safety, and welfare of the resident, but rather the income that a resident can provide.

Families trust that an assisted living center that accepts their loved-one as a resident, can and will provide the care and supervision needed to keep their loved-one safe, and that the center will advise them when their loved one needs a higher level of care.  Often what happens instead is that residents who need a higher degree of care are kept until they suffer a decline in health or become seriously injured (or killed) in a fall or accident.

The PBS Frontline documentary “Life and Death In Assisted Living” covers the issue more in depth:


If you have an hour, It’s well worth your time.

Nursing Home and Assisted Living | The Dangers of Wandering and Elopement


Nursing homes or assisted living centers in Oklahoma, and throughout the country, must provide care and supervision to residents who wander or elope to prevent and protect residents from injury or death.

“Wandering” and “elopement” are health care industry terms used by assisted living or nursing homes to describe residents who aimlessly wander the facility without purpose or leave the facility without knowledge of the facility’s staff. Continue Reading »

How To Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer


Finding and hiring a lawyer can be stressful and intimidating. There are more lawyers per person in the United States than in any other country in the world. Finding a lawyer is easy. Finding the best lawyer for your legal issue is not so easy. This is especially true when it comes to finding a personal injury lawyer. A person can use Google and find a long list of personal injury lawyers. But a first page listing on Google does not mean that a particular lawyer or law firm is the best, most qualified, or reputable choice to handle a personal injury or death case. To find the best lawyer for your case requires an understanding of how a personal injury claim works.  Continue Reading »

What to Expect When You Call or Meet a Personal Injury Lawyer About Your Case

Businessman working

To meet with or even talk to a lawyer by telephone about a legal problem should not be intimidating, but it is for a lot of people. In fact, I have had clients explain the reason for waiting so long to hire a lawyer was at least partly caused by the fear or dread of speaking to a lawyer. Lawyers are just people who happen to know basic aspects of law and how to apply that law to certain situations. Any lawyer who acts in a way that causes potential a client to feel that talking to them is a privilege is not a good lawyer to hire. Continue Reading »

The Truth Behind Bed Sores in Nursing Homes


Many families struggle with the decision to place a loved one in a nursing home. When a loved one is unable to be out of bed without assistance or is unable to sufficiently move or shift themselves when in bed, the care needed to prevent bed sores requires more attention than most families can provide. Continue Reading »

How to Protect Yourself From Hit-and-Run or Uninsured Drivers

car crash collision accident on an city roadLike in most other States, Oklahoma requires vehicle owners to carry liability insurance to pay for harms and losses when the owner or driver of the vehicle causes a collision. The minimum amount of insurance required in Oklahoma is $25,000 per injured person, $50,000 total split among all injured persons, and $25,000 for damage to other vehicles or property. This is often expressed as “minimum liability limits” and by the acronym of 25/50/25. Continue Reading »

5 Key Actions To Take If You’ve Been In a Car Accident


If the police come to the scene to investigation the collision, the officer will usually obtain the critical information needed by you to file an insurance claim. The information will ultimately end up on the official collision report. However, if the police do not come to the scene, there are several pieces of critical information needed before you and the other driver leave the scene.   Continue Reading »

What To Look For When Choosing A Lawyer To Handle Your Case

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Finding the right lawyer is the most important step in obtaining a reasonable settlement of a personal injury or death claim. Insurance companies (and lawyers who defend them) know the personal injury lawyers who are inexperienced and unwilling to file a lawsuit and take a case to trial. Based upon that information, insurance companies offer those lawyers less money to settle cases hoping that the lawyer will simply convince the client to accept the low offer so the lawyer will not have to file suit. Continue Reading »

Old People Fall, Nursing Home Injuries & The Law

An elderly man wearing a fall risk bracelet around his wrist using a walker

Federal regulations require nursing homes to supervise residents to prevent accidents such as falls.

“Old people fall.” That is often the excuse given by nursing homes after a family’s loved-one suffers a fall and serious injury. The truth is that nursing homes must determine which residents are at high risk for falling and take steps to reduce that risk, such as increased supervision, anticipating a residents needs to use the restroom, or provide the resident assistance devices to help keep them safe. Continue Reading »

Working In Oil Fields Is Dangerous Work


Oklahoma oil field workers know their jobs are dangerous. They take the steps necessary to protect themselves from harm. However, an untrained or unsafe worker employed by the rig operator or rig/field service contractor can create a serious risk of injury to all of the other safety conscious workers on or the near the rig or in the field. Continue Reading »

Child Care Abuse Prevention

Scared child boy hiding in wardrobe

One of our worst fears as parents is leaving a child at a daycare or other child care setting where a child abuser or sexual predator is working or has access to children. Parents and family have every right to trust that the child care setting has workers who have no history that might indicate they will abuse a child. It is the facility’s responsibility to make sure its workers are properly trained and safe to be around children. Continue Reading »

Drunk Drivers Are Liable For Your Injuries

Two cars crashed. Close up image

Drunk drivers who cause injuries or death are responsible for the paying their victims for their harms and losses. However, because they chose to put other drivers at risk by drinking and driving, drunk drivers can also be punished by having to pay extra money to the victims.  Insurance companies for drunk drivers keep that fact hidden when discussing settlement with victims who don’t have a lawyer. We have handled countless drunk driving cases and know how to deal with the insurance companies to get our client’s the extra money they deserve. Continue Reading »

Hiring The Right Attorney


Knowing which attorney is right for you can be difficult and time consuming. At a large firm, clients are often just numbers where client phone calls and email about their case are not returned promptly. Many solo practitioners often handle cases other than personal injury, so they lack the knowledge, experience, and reputation needed to get full value in an injury case. Continue Reading »

Trucking Accidents

Semi Truck In Motion. Speeding Truck on the Highway. Trucking Business Concept

Trucking companies are under no obligation to keep accident-related records past a certain time period.  If you were injured by a semi truck, call the GT Firm as soon as possible so we can make sure critical trucking company records are not destroyed. Continue Reading »

Nursing Home Injuries and Death

Bed at nursing home with nurse and wheelchair on background.

When a loved one is seriously injured or dies from neglect or due to bad care in a nursing home, the thoughts of what to do can be overwhelming.  The GT Firm has 20 years of experience helping families in these situations.  We can take action immediately, following a simple phone call to our office, so you can focus on getting help for your loved one while we start getting answers to what happened. Continue Reading »

Wrongful Death


There is no greater anguish suffered than the death of a family member, especially when it was caused by another person’s conduct. As hard as it may seem, the family must act quickly in order get the accountability they will want after the funeral is over and the initial grief subsides. Continue Reading »

Car Wrecks – Do’s and Don’ts


A simple car wreck may not turn out to be so simple. Insurance companies are always looking for ways to blame the innocent victim so they can pay less than full value of car damage or for injuries. Also, seemingly minor injuries or soreness can progress to a more serious condition that might even lead to surgery. Continue Reading »