A Wrongful Death in the Family – 3 Things To Know

A few simple steps after a wrongful death can make a huge difference in getting accountability against those at-fault.  Here are 3 things that can help you and your family:

  • Take action right away. Grief over the wrongful death of a family member can be overwhelming.  The last thing the immediate family members think about is what they should do right after the death to ensure there is accountability later.  If an immediate family member is not able to take steps suggested below, a trusted friend, more remote family member, or even the right wrongful death attorney can serve an important role while the family deals with funeral arrangements and other matters.
  • Report the incident to the proper authorities.  In some circumstances, the wrongful death of a loved-one might not be automatically investigated by law enforcement or government agencies. Wrongful deaths at work, nursing homes, hospitals, semi-truck collisions, and drunk drivers overserved at bars/restaurants are subject to governmental agency investigations. However, many times it is up to the family to make the authorities aware of the death. For example, a hospital might not contact the medical examiner when a patient has an unexpected sudden death. In that circumstance, the family has the right to contact the medical examiner’s office directly and request an investigation.
  • Consider contacting a qualified and experienced wrongful death attorney. GT Law Firm has assisted families suffering with a wrongful death of a family member.  Our law firm has assisted families immediately after a serious personal injury where death has not yet occurred, but is expected to occur in the near future.  Our Tulsa and Oklahoma City attorneys provide free information, advice, and guidance on the immediate steps that should be taken before and after a death.  Oftentimes, at the request of the family, we take on those tasks for the family and simply meet with family later to discuss their options. Call or contact us today so we can help you and your family.

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