Black Diamond Carabiner Recall: Rock Climbers Beware


A carabiner is the coupling link that has a safety closure used with rope by rock climbers to keep them safe from falling while climbing. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued a recall on Black Diamond brand carabiners, which can unexpectedly open and allow the rope to become detached, posing a risk of injury or death to climbers from a fall. The notice can be found at this link.


The Black Diamond carabiner models that are part of the recall include Hotwire, Oz, Neutrino, Ovalwire, Hoodwire, Positron, Nitron, Light D, Oval, Rocklock Screwgate, Positron Screwgate, Vaporlock Screwgate, Nitron Screwgate, and Mini Pearabiner Screwgate.

Unfortunately, not all consumer products work as intended. Some products are poorly designed or defectively manufactured and can fail causing injury or death during normal use. A person injured or killed by a product does not have to be the one who originally purchased it to be able to make claim for compensation.


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