Car Wrecks – Do’s and Don’ts


A simple car wreck may not turn out to be so simple. Insurance companies are always looking for ways to blame the innocent victim so they can pay less than full value of car damage or for injuries. Also, seemingly minor injuries or soreness can progress to a more serious condition that might even lead to surgery.

When you are in a wreck, DO call the police to the scene so there is no question as to who was at fault and injuries are noted in the police report. Even it your injuries are minor, DO get checked out at an urgent care clinic or your primary care doctor the same day of the wreck or the next day. DO follow your doctor’s orders for your care and treatment.

DON’T give a written or recorded telephone or personal statement of how the wreck happened to any insurance adjuster without first talking to an attorney.  Also, DON’T sign any documents given to you by any insurance adjuster until they can be reveiwed by an attorney.

Contact The GT Firm as soon as possible after your wreck. Even if your wreck was a long time ago or you have not fully followed the “DO’s and DON’Ts” above,  we can review your claim and help you resolve it for the amount you deserve.

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