Child Care Abuse Prevention

Scared child boy hiding in wardrobe

One of our worst fears as parents is leaving a child at a daycare or other child care setting where a child abuser or sexual predator is working or has access to children. Parents and family have every right to trust that the child care setting has workers who have no history that might indicate they will abuse a child. It is the facility’s responsibility to make sure its workers are properly trained and safe to be around children.

By law, they must check the criminal backgrounds of each worker before hiring the worker. They should also call the workers’ previous employers and ask about any prior instances of possible abuse or neglect. If they don’t and a child is injured, the facility is responsible.

When selecting a day care or summer camp, ask to speak with the administrator of the facility. Discuss each worker by getting thier full name, and confirm the facility has conducted background checks. Ask when the the background checks were last done, and whether the facility has called all of the worker’s past employers.

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