Nursing Home Injuries and Death

Bed at nursing home with nurse and wheelchair on background.

When a loved one is seriously injured or dies from neglect or due to bad care in a nursing home, the thoughts of what to do can be overwhelming.  The GT Firm has 20 years of experience helping families in these situations.  We can take action immediately, following a simple phone call to our office, so you can focus on getting help for your loved one while we start getting answers to what happened.

The mother of one of our clients was in a nursing home because of dementia.  The staff neglected and ignored her.  Finally, she wandered out the front door of the nursing home in her wheelchair unattended.  She fell in the parking lot trying to stand and broke her hip.  She later died from her injuries.

The client contacted me the day after it happened.  We acted quickly and were able to preserve video of his mother being ignored and then leaving through the front door while staff walked by. Without that video, the nursing home would have been able to make a lot of excuses about what happened.

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