Old People Fall, Nursing Home Injuries & The Law

An elderly man wearing a fall risk bracelet around his wrist using a walker

Federal regulations require nursing homes to supervise residents to prevent accidents such as falls.

“Old people fall.” That is often the excuse given by nursing homes after a family’s loved-one suffers a fall and serious injury. The truth is that nursing homes must determine which residents are at high risk for falling and take steps to reduce that risk, such as increased supervision, anticipating a residents needs to use the restroom, or provide the resident assistance devices to help keep them safe.

Nursing homes must also lessen the severity of a possible fall by lowering the resident’s bed, placing a mat next to the bed to soften the impact of a fall, and use a bed alarm to alert staff if a resident is trying to get out of bed.

Falls with fractures often lead to other serious health conditions, mostly due to immobility while recovering from the fall. Pneumonia, pressure sores, and urinary infections can result in long-term health problems and even death.

If a nursing home fails to identify residents at risk for falls, and does nothing to try to prevent falls, they may be responsible for injuries, loss of health, and eventual death. 

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