What if You or Your Parent Had to Be Placed in a Nursing Home?


The thought of being put in a nursing home is too painful and scary to think too long about.  Thoughts of nursing home abuse, nursing home neglect, nursing home bedsores, or nursing home death are painful and unpleasant.

However, 70% of people over the age of 65 will need nursing home care at some point in the remainder of their life.  Rarely is it a choice. Health can decline unexpectedly, such as a heart attack, stroke, or a fall and fractured hip. Health can also decline slowly, such as advanced Alzheimer’s or dementia. Many of these conditions need full time nursing care. Care beyond what can be provided at home by family, home health, or in an assisted living facility.  

When I ask jurors about this issue in nursing home neglect cases, many are naturally in denial.  They simply hope that they will never need nursing home care. Or proudly announce “my spouse or kids would never put me in a nursing home.” I get silence when I pose the follow up question: “Long term care costs about $70,000 per year. Most health insurance only pays for short-term care. If you do need 24 hour care after an unexpected health event, do you have long term care insurance or enough money saved to avoid being in a nursing home? “ The reality hits home quick. 

I raise this issue with people because nursing home care is a likely scenario faced by most families. We all have a direct and personal interest in making sure all nursing homes are safe, clean, and have enough properly trained staff to meet our needs. Keep that in mind when you hear of proposed laws that favor the nursing home industry, or sit on a jury in a case involving bad nursing home care. Tell your legislator your concerns and hold the nursing home accountable with a fair verdict in favor of the family. These things make a difference in the care we, or our family member may need in the future. 

If your loved one has been abused or neglected in a nursing home, call the GT Law Firm for free advice on what you can do right now to help you or your loved one. We will also discuss your legal options and answer any questions you have about your situation. 


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