For Attorneys

Counsel, welcome to the page of my website dedicated to attorneys.  If you are my opponent, I look forward to working with (actually against) you.  For the others, I hope that the services listed below will prompt you to contact me to discuss how I can help you.


The Biography  and Services area of this website should provide you with most of what you need to know about my knowledge and experience.  I handle all types of referrals from other lawyers, with a number of arrangements: from simply taking over the entire case, to working side-by-side with the referring lawyer as a team, or providing behind-the-scene advice.  My referral fees are competitive and based upon the particular needs of the referring lawyer. Also, I often have cases that I do not wish to handle and need to refer out.  So, I value any two-way working relationship that I can establish with my colleagues.


Having hired local counsel in some of my own out-of-State cases, I know first-hand the difficulty in finding someone trustworthy and knowledgable. Visit the the Biography section of this site for more information as to where I am admitted to practice.  My fees are based upon the needs of counsel and can be hourly, a percentage of the fee, or a combination of both.  Contact me to discuss your needs and what support I can provide.


I fully understand the difficulty solo practitioners face when deciding to take on a large injury case or one that you know is good but is in an unfamiliar practice area: Do you keep the case and spend money or time learning a new practice area, or do you simply refer the case out?

I can provide the solo practitioner the assistance needed to keep the case and the fee.  I can help with things solo practitioners don’t have access to by not being part of a multi-attorney law firm, such as brainstorming cases, learning unfamiliar practice areas, financing the costs of the case, or simply having a sounding board for ideas.

I have consistently kept abreast, learned, and applied the latest case evaluation, discovery preparation, and trial strategies and techniques to my own cases with great success.

I can assist in any type injury case, regardless of what stage the case may be and with the objectivity necessary for the best possible outcome for the attorney and client.  I can help with decisions involving acceptance of cases, retention and use of experts, focus groups, discovery strategies, development of rules and trial story sequencing, dealing with defenses or problematic issues, witness preparation, and settlement/trial decisions.

I thrive on collaboration. Attorneys who work the case up (including myself) oftentimes overlook aspects of the case that are important to the jury or adjuster.  Only through a collaborative process are those issues identified and addressed, for maximum benefit.

In a short phone call or over lunch, we can discuss your case and decide how I might help you.


I got Guy involved in a heavily litigated case packed with multiple facts and issues – not to mention preloaded bias against my client. Guy shared his knowledge of focus group data related to my type of case allowed me to focus in on the issues that really mattered to the jury.  He then shared his litigation and trial strategy experience which I applied to my case and helped me achieve a very large verdict for my client.  I look forward to using his services again in the future.  – Jesse Fettkether, Tulsa

Guy and I held a trial strategy session about a month before jury trial on a case that had been in litigation for over four years. He helped me identify and focus on the important issues of my case to present to the jury and allowed me to more efficiently prepare for trial.  With Guy’s help, I was able to achieve a large verdict against a defendant that never made a single settlement offer to my client. –  Anthony Gorospe, Tulsa