Assisted Living Injuries & Death

Assisted Living Injury Lawyer Oklahoma

Unfortunately, for financial reasons, many assisted-living facilities will accept and keep residents whose condition really requires a higher level of care as is provided in a nursing home. This often results in residents having preventable falls, suffering a health event while alone in their rooms, or wandering from the facility unattended and being injured or dying from exposure to extreme heat or cold. If an assisted-living facility violates law or regulations and accepts or keeps a resident who needs more care and supervision than the facility can provide, the facility may be responsible for a resident’s injury or death.

Naturally, many families seek to avoid placing their loved one in a nursing home and instead seek placment in an assisted living facility. However, if an assisted living facility has failed to advise you they cannot keep your loved one safe and your loved one suffers an injury or died due to neglect, contact the GT Law Firm. We are committed to helping families understand what happened to their loved one and what can be done about holding the facility accountable.