Birth Injuries

foot of new born baby sick in incubator chamber in hospital

Birth trauma is a devastating event for any family.  While not every adverse child birth outcome is due to physician or hospital negligence, when it does occur, it is a very difficult for the parents to accept and understand.  Given that the life-time care needs of a profoundly injured come at an enormous cost, parents are faced with uncertain and scary thoughts of how to pay for care.

When a new born is injured due to negligence, the law requires the physician or hospital to pay the life-time of future cost of care needed as a result of the negligence.  Such costs include medical care, nursing care, home care, medical equipment and devices, special therapy and education, and changes to the home to accommodate the child’s disability.

Proving the adverse child birth outcome was due to negligence can be very challenging.  GT Law Firm has the skills and resources to evaluate childbirth trauma cases and advise parents of whether their child was injured due to negligence.  If you think your child has a condition that was caused by negligence during birth, call us today. It will cost you nothing to contact us and discuss your case.