Child or Sexual Abuse

Scared child boy hiding in wardrobe

When we entrust our children to a daycare, we expect the daycare will keep them safe. When that trust is broken, the effects can be devastating. Child abuse and sexual abuse is all too common these days. Whether it be daycare, summer camp, or even a church, these childcare settings must be sure that the workers’ or volunteers’ backgrounds have been checked, and that no worker or volunteer is left alone with a child at any time.

If your child has been a victim of child abuse or sexual abuse, contact us right away.*  We can assist you in getting help for your child, your family, and notifying the correct State and local agency to investigate. We can handle your case in a way that keeps you and your child’s identity anonymous. Call us today for more information, or submit any questions you have on the form on our home page.

*State law requires that any person with knowledge of child abuse must report the abuse to local law enforcement.