Injuries & Death Of Children

Children are innocent and precious. They need special protection.  When children are injured, the physical and emotional effects can last a lifetime.

The wrongful death of a child is the worst possible thing that can happen to a family.  Only the parents and siblings of a child who dies unexpectedly can understand the degree of overwhelming loss and grief suffered.  While no amount of money could ever come close to compensating for such a loss, it can create a chance for the family to fund projects to prevent the similar circumstances surrounding the child’s wrongful death, change laws, or perhaps help other families when they suffer a similar loss.

At the GT Law Firm, we have represented countless number of children and thier families due to child injuries and death such as defective playground equipment, dog attacks, drowning, car/pedestrian accidents, waterborne illnesses, amusement rides, child abuse at church and day care, and other incidents.

Call us today to discuss your child’s injury or your family’s loss and how we can get the your family or your child compensation and secure your child’s health and finanical future.