Slip & Fall Accidents

Wet floor sign on tiled floor

A business has a responsibility to provide a safe place for customers.  If the business creates a hazard, or knows of a hazardous condition and does not fix it or warn customers, the business may be responsible for any injuries caused by the hazard.

In fact, large retail businesses like Wal-Mart, Lowes, Home Depot, Target, and Sam’s Club have a large number of customers pass through their doors every day.  With that kind of volume comes the extra responsibility to make sure their floors and aisles are clear and that their merchandise on the shelves are secure and do not fall.

The GT Law Firm has handled many slip and fall or trip and fall cases in the past 25 years.  We have also represented clients injured by falling merchandise.  If you have been seriously injured at a store or business, call us today. We can start working for you right away by notifying the business owner and preserving the evidence to prove your claim or case.